Ankarmassan för de tunga jobben. 

Fördelarna i korthet

ETA godkännande
Godkännandet (ETA) garanterar ett serviceliv på 100 år för efterinjekterad armering i sprucken betong.
Höga laster och variabla förankringsdjup
Epoximassan ger mycket höga laster och möjliggör variabla sättdjup ihop med gängstången FIS A. 
Fler godkännanden
Ankarmassan är godkänd för diamantborrade och vattenfyllda borrhål, men också för seismiska applikationer i prestandakategori C1 och C2, vilket starka infästningar i de mest extrema miljöerna. 
Förankringar med FIS EM Plus:
Förankringar med FIS EM Plus kan även utföras i enligthet med Water Resources Law med godkännande (aBG). 
Brett spektrum av applikationer
Ankarmassan kan användas för flera olika användningsområden som till exempel temporära och demonterbara infästningar med invändigt gängade ankaret RG M I i elförzinkat och rostfritt stål R. 

Starkt bett för Europas största infrastrukturprojekt

Syftet med projekt Le Grand Paris är att koppla ihop den franska huvudstaden med flera förorter. Det är Västeuropas största infrastrukturprojekt som kommer att fördubbla storleken på den parisiska tunnelbanan senast 2030.
Under 14 år kommer man att anlägga 200 km räls och bygga 68 nya tunnelbanestationer.  FIS EM Plus ger stabilitet och hållbarhet och här används den för att sammanbinda markplattan med stödmurarna.
För att möta dessa särskilda utmaningar tilldelade man 100 års serviceliv på ankarmassan, i enlighet med ETA. 

Four questions to a fixings expert

In a short interview, Dr. Thilo Pregartner, Head of Technology Transfer & Approvals, provides helpful expertise on our FIS EM Plus epoxy resin mortar. For what applications does an injection mortar need a service life of 100 years and why does the FIS EM Plus even have 120 years? Which additional product features are particularly helpful for the installer? The answers to all these questions can be found in the expert interview.

Developed and produced in Germany

The fischer injection systems are not only developed in Germany, but also manufactured in Germany. From the development of the formulation in the in-house laboratory to the mixing of the ingredients and the injection of the specially developed cartridges, everything is manufactured in one plant in the south of Germany.

The close coordination of the individual teams ensures continuous quality control and perfectly coordinated production processes. The many fischer subsidiaries enable us to react to customer needs and changing market conditions at short notice. In addition to the external ETA and ICC tests, the products are also tested in our own test laboratory after each production step, e.g. by means of pull-out tests. Thus the fischer injection systems meet the highest quality requirements

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Lasts for eternity

In the ETA assessments, anchorages and post-installed rebar connections can be regulated with a service life of up to 100 years.

However, the FIS EM Plus can do more. An official expert report from the IEA Stuttgart even confirms a service life for anchorages up to 120 years. Thus, our FIS EM Plus injection mortar endures an entire century and is perfectly suited for large and long-lasting construction projects.


First WRL-compliant anchorage with an official building certificate

Today, environmental protection is more than just a concern of the soul. Mainly, it is also about protecting our waters as the basis of our lives. Anchorages for installations that contain substances hazardous to water and are not themselves provided with two sealing levels must meet special requirements in accordance with the Water Resources Law (WRL) and the Installation Ordinance (AwSV).

These special applications require specially tested injection systems, such as the fischer injection mortar FIS EM Plus. The system has been officially tested by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and received an official building certificate for liquid-impermeable concrete (FD concrete).
For coated concrete, fischer has proven the WRL suitability of the fixing system by an accredited testing institute and an external expert report.

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The right injection mortar for strong bonds

  • The injection mortar FIS EM Plus can be used for post-installed rebar connections with diameters 8 - 40 mm. Even under seismic load and with a service life of 100 years.   
  • According to the approval, diamond drilling does not require additional roughening of the drill hole by using the FIS EM Plus, which saves time and money.
  • The rebar anchor FRA with connection thread made of stainless steel fully uses the load bearing of the concrete. This allows very high tensile loads to be introduced into the anchorage base.
  • Accessories suitable for the construction site such as injection aids and extension hoses ensure a quick work progress. The FIS rebar case contains all the necessary individual components and thus ensures convenient installation.

Resistant to all weather conditions

  • The approved installation temperatures from -5 °C to +40 °C enables all-season use on the construction site   
  • FIS EM Plus can be used in water-filled drill holes according to ETA approval and can therefore be used under all construction site conditions.
  • Even under extreme conditions, such as underwater applications, the injection mortar can be used without any problems in accordance with the ICC approval.

Triple pack of epoxy resin mortars

The FIS EM Plus assortment

The FIS EM Plus injection mortar is available in three different cartridge sizes. Thus, the optimal cartridge is available for every application.

The right dispenser ensures precise dosing and maximum installation comfort. The FIS DCD S battery-operated dispenser  is especially suitable for larger drill holes.

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